AFHCA is all about supporting benefits advisors in doing more for their client’s bottom line, and for their covered employees, than merely selling insurance ‘off the rack.’  We are a community of healthcare professionals, clinicians, solution providers, and policy makers passionate about effective and affordable plans to actively manage otherwise uncontrollable healthcare costs.  AFHCA has been carefully curated to provide a community for innovative advisors who want to positively impact lives as they uphold the principles of transparency and ethical practices of the AFHCA.

You becoming a member is just the beginning.  AFHCA verification certifies you as a trusted and expert advisor.  It shows your clients and prospects you are dedicated to transparency, ethics, and you are a cost containment expert in your field.  It’s not an easy process, and that’s intentional, but it’s your gateway to a small and exclusive group of healthcare advisors who alone want to move-the-needle, but when combined, are a powerful movement transforming the healthcare industry into what it can, and should, become.

If this matters to you, join us.  AFHCA is the right place to learn and advance your practice while aligned with your personal ideals!